We are the Mother Clucker’s,

A brood of women whom are family first then friends. We are a very diverse group of strong independent women who know how to have fun and make the most of life. We will share with you our ups and downs, life hacks and how we manage to maintain such a large close knitted extended family.

We are each unique in our own way and will bring a lot of knowledge and inspiration to this site. There will be a good mix of useful information with funny moments and highlights woven into our website, individual pages and posts. We are Alberta girls made tough and built strong…. we can handle anything life throws at us.

Please check out our individual pages,

These will break down our different personalities and what it is we plan on posting about as we each have our own hobbies and interests. There will be something for everyone…research papers, craft ideas, food recipes, soap recipes, government regulation changes relating to Canadian and Albertan families, MOMS, local family friendly events, and cost saving ways to enjoy life to the fullest even on a budget.

Join us for some much needed social connections that every human on earth needs. We will try to keep the subjects interesting and the humor flowing, also feel free to check out the contact page for our email addresses that anyone may use to write to us for more specific information about our topics.