STOP! Stop it now. Quit the job you hate, ditch the loser boyfriend, PUT DOWN THE CAKE!

Change is scary, the unknown is scary but it might be better than what your doing now. You keep doing the same thing over and over, round and round with the same result, you are the definition of insanity.

If you’ve stumbled upon this post you’re likely in the same boat I once was and this boat my friends is actually a ship…. a ship of shit that is sinking. I’ve had shit up to my knees, red shit, blue shit, one shit, two shits (too much Dr. Seuss ….. I’m a mom). Jumping off the shit ship was one of the hardest tasks I have ever done. The water looks clean down there but what if there’s sharks? or sea monsters? what if it’s too damn cold? I hate the cold.

If it wasn’t for @dthom2001gmailcom I would of never jumped off that shit ship, she was woking a job that didn’t keep her interest, didn’t make her rich and was just blah. Then it happened, she hit her breaking point and quit. I had a decent career as an Insurance Broker, great boss, pay was all right, LOVED my colleges but I hated it. Day in and day out sitting in the same office, looking at the same documents also I might mention I live in a rural community so the same customers monday to friday 9-5. I knew this was not for me, not what I’m meant to do, I am meant for great things in this world, I am going to do something with my life and this is NOT it. But what?

“What” this tiny little word kept me there. I can’t just quit WHAT will I do for money? WHAT will happen to the company, WHAT will I do with my life? Meanwhile @dthom2001gmailcom was living the dream, we talked as much as we possibly could with me working full time, trying to keep the house clean and laundry from taking over my house, running kids to hockey practice, dentist this and doctor that and all the”mom can you wipe my butt?” calls. She was organizing her house and starting projects she always wanted to do, she was sitting down drinking her coffee in peace and quite while the family was at school and the old man was at work. I was sooooo jealous. so I told myself “I’m going to it, I’m going to quit my job”. I learned very quickly that its really not that simple, I hummed and hawed but I knew for my sanity I had to do it. What now?

My mind is made up, I’ve committed myself to this %100 “I am going to quit my job” I keep telling myself ” you can do this.” So I wait for the perfect moment, this company has been good to me I wanna bow out gracefully and do the right thing. I type up my resignation letter print it off and bring it to work with me everyday until I get the chance to sit with my boss and explain myself.


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