If you’re not obsessed with your life CHANGE IT 

                           AMANDA HUNTER

Age: 30 #dirtythirty
Sex: Female #yesplease
Location: Alberta, Canada #buttfucknowhere
#motherof2 #superwoman

I vow to you my reader that shit is going to get real ( and most likely rated 18R ). I will not hold back anything, I am putting myself %100 out there for all to see up’s & down’s, highs & lows. Why? Cause we all go through shit and in this world I am finally finding myself, my happy place and who I am and the journey is hard. I’ve fucked up as a kid, as a teen, as a mother, as a spouse. No one is perfect and my goal out of this is to normalize our mistakes. IT’S OKAY TO FUCK UP! Learning this lesson is the MOST important lesson i have learned #lifechanging and instead of you going out there and making all these mistakes on your own, maybe… just maybe you can learn from me or if you feel inclined to go out there and fuck shit up on your own don’t worry I will also have your back. In no way do I have my life figured out, I am at the tip of the iceberg but I have had a revelation, my life is now going down a different road.

So here it is…… My journey #dontfallflatonmyface

ESFJ’s – Encourage, lift and strengthen one another. For the positive energy spread to one will be felt by us all.                                – Deborah Day



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