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Medical Marijuana – Online Dispensaries 101


There are many online medical marijuana dispensaries in Canada and it can be overwhelming to choose which one will work best for you. There are many things to take into consideration quality, cost, customer service, payment, shipping options and last but not least the variation of products offered to you… the customer. Then you have to decide what strain and type of topicals, flowers, edibles, and concentrates to purchase that will work best for your ailment (this will be discussed in an upcoming blog).

This post covers my top three favourite online dispensaries and I will also be updating this post as I find new ones that offer more suitable arrangements. We will start with the company that is my personal go too.

Herbal Dispatch is by far my absolute favourite, they are located in British Columbia, Canada and have a great selection of products/prices to choose from; flowers ($7.00-$12.00/g), edibles ($20.00-$60.00/pack), concentrates ($35.00-$120.00/g), topicals ($25.00-60.00/jar) and accessories ($50.00-$600.00/unit). Herbal Dispatch is always adding new products and showcasing the latest talent coming into the market, which is always a breath of fresh air. Most times smoking the same product day in and day out creates an immunity to the product and you will find you don’t get the same relief that you once did. The prices listed on this website are standard street prices for anyone who smoked prior to acquiring your medical licence. The price also tends to increase with GST and Shipping costs, but you can be rest assured that the product you are smoking is not mixed with some other chemical and will be decent if not amazing.

The customer service you receive from Herbal Dispatch is on point. The people working here are on the ball and very kind and understanding when you make mistakes, sending out the E-transfer or not updating your expired credit card info lol (I have made many mistakes and they always e-mail me to laugh and let me know what I did wrong). The quality varies depending on what you are willing to pay, but even the cheaper stuff is good, not as tasty but does the trick.  Herbal Dispatch offers Canada Post – Xpresspost Shipping and anything between $99.00-$199.99 costs $15.00 to ship Canada wide and anything over $200.00 is free shipping. Herbal Dispatch used to offer Purolator shipping and now they no longer do, which is a total bummer cause it would be here the next day but cost $30.00 which was never a problem as I always want my stuff ASAP. I live in Calgary, AB and if I put an order in on a Tuesday morning before lunch, I receive my order by Friday around lunch this seems to be the standard shipping schedule for July 1, 2017. Gst is included in the prices listed on this website and this is why the prices seem slightly higher, but do the math sometimes this makes a difference when planning a big shop.

THC Direct is my second favourite dispensary just for price and quality. The flower strains they offer are constantly changing and quality/price is top notch. They sell by the ounce (oz) on this site for flower and the most expensive oz I have seen was $180.00, the cheapest I seen and it sold out within an hour, it was an oz of Acapulco Gold for $99.00. They also carry Chronic of the Sea, a tuna can of weed (1/2 oz), with many strains to choose from for the price of $90.00.

THC Direct also carries concentrates, not many brand names, but price and quality are again an amazing thing. They offer prices on their concentrates for as low as $17.00/g and as high as $60.00/g. Make sure you are checking daily and have your coin all together as the sale items sell fast and it sucks to miss out when you don’t have your payment together. Shipping requires a minimum order of $150.00 and includes free shipping with Canada Post – Xpresspost. Gst is not included in the prices seen on the website but are priced accordinly for the provinces they are being bought from.

Buddies Canada is my third favorite site and it’s currently still in the beta stage (July 2017), so not yet a full site but it is coming soon. They have a huge varity of products to choose from and are adding new products daily. Buddies Canada carries the most Phyto Extractions (one of my favourite smokeable concentrates) and they have expanded thier site to include many other well known products, such as; Phant Extracts, Green Gold, Diamond Extracts just to name a few. The prices for this website are standard across the board most concentrates avergae $35.00-$60.00/g and the flower prices are avergae $8.00-12.00/g. Because this site is so new when they add a new producer they have sales for the first week and damn some of these sales are crazy…… I have received some amazing deals, concentrates as low as 24.00 a gram which is unheard of on these sites. When they made a mistake on my last order they where instantly apologetic and sent me free swag (Hoodie, Hard THC Candy to try) plus shipped all my goods overnight purolator which I prefer.

This site is very media friendly and anyone can join or follow along on twitter, instagram, or facebook to keep up with thier new releases or amazing swag. Feel free to join into the contests they run on thier media sites as there are great prizes to be won. This site also offers reduced prices for buying in bulk definitly worth checking out. Shipping is offered through Canada Post and orders over $150.00 are free shipping. this site also offers purolator at a crazy extra cost of $50.00 on top of the total. Gst is not incuded in the pricing you see but they do adjust it for the province that it is being sent to.

I hope this helps anyone considering trying alternate treatment to the current pharmacuetical treatment. These drugs do help and make a difference in your daily life without making you a zombie or unable to function or have a thousand side effects like everything seems to that we see, hear or read….. These drugs do the same thing and you can still function like a normal person maybe a little giggly and hungry but really im sure this is the least of your problems




Looking for fun family ideas that are easy on the budget? Check this out.

1. The Iron Horse Train Park in Airdrie, AB opened Sunday May 21, 2017, and is only open every Sunday through the summer. There you can grab a site for small family gatherings and picnics. The park also offers birthday parties and special events throughout the summer.

Admission to the park is free and a ride on the train for either child or adult is only $3.00 and free for children under age 3 as long as they are accompanied by an adult .

The trains travel over bridges and go through tunnels on a 1.6km track. Please note that this park is 100% a volunteer organization and that is why it is only open to the public on Sunday’s. If anyone would like to make a donation or anymore information please visit

2. The Glenbow Museum located in downtown Calgary is offering weekly summer programs for children interested in Canadian History or Culture. The prices are quite reasonable (ranging from $60.00 – $85.00 + $6.00 user fee) and if you book the Artifact Explorers session with a second session than they will wave the $60.00 fee for that session.

There are 6 themed sessions to choose from; Exploring Canadian Landscapes, Knights of Glenbow, Artifact Explorer, Welcome Newcomers, The blackfoot People Welcome You, and Minerals Rocks.

If this is something that you feel your child would benefit rom please contact Glenbow Museum 130 9th Ave SE Calgary, AB 403-268-4110

3. The Repsol Centre (aka the old Lindsay park/ talisman centre) offering summer programs with free pre-care starting at 7:30am, and after care till 5:00pm for registered participants in their summer programs this is great for working families that require earlier care than most summer programs offer.

To contact Resol Centre please call or email or visit online at

4. The City of Calgary is bringing back the summer youth passport initiative for summer 2017, they have not yet released the cost but the summer 2016 passes were only 50 bucks a kid and if you bought the bus pass with it you got a discount so hopefully this year will be the same.

My kids loved the youth passport in summer 2016 it’s for ages 7-17 and allows the children access to all the big leisure centres and some other locations around the city. This pass let’s them swim, workout, use the gyms when not being used etc. Watch for it on the City of Calgary website they will be releasing more information soon.

Keep you eyes out at for more information.

5. Evolve Skateboard and Scooter Camp. This is a great camp for boys and girls to learn more about boarding or scootering and will enable your child to be more self aware while riding while having fun and learning new skills.

The club runs 8:30 – 4:00 and there will be a bus that will transport students to the skate parks for the days learning.

The cost of this program is 365 + Gst and I know this is quite high but my son is very hard to get off the video games and I’m hoping this will help him want to be more outside learning cool things he can do on his own, not some avatar him, enjoying the fun on a tv screen.

Check it out at


I will be adding information as I go to this post as the summer is long with many cool things popping up around the city and Greater Calgary Area (GCA).