Looking for fun family ideas that are easy on the budget? Check this out.

1. The Iron Horse Train Park in Airdrie, AB opened Sunday May 21, 2017, and is only open every Sunday through the summer. There you can grab a site for small family gatherings and picnics. The park also offers birthday parties and special events throughout the summer.

Admission to the park is free and a ride on the train for either child or adult is only $3.00 and free for children under age 3 as long as they are accompanied by an adult .

The trains travel over bridges and go through tunnels on a 1.6km track. Please note that this park is 100% a volunteer organization and that is why it is only open to the public on Sunday’s. If anyone would like to make a donation or anymore information please visit www.ironhorsepark.net

2. The Glenbow Museum located in downtown Calgary is offering weekly summer programs for children interested in Canadian History or Culture. The prices are quite reasonable (ranging from $60.00 – $85.00 + $6.00 user fee) and if you book the Artifact Explorers session with a second session than they will wave the $60.00 fee for that session.

There are 6 themed sessions to choose from; Exploring Canadian Landscapes, Knights of Glenbow, Artifact Explorer, Welcome Newcomers, The blackfoot People Welcome You, and Minerals Rocks.

If this is something that you feel your child would benefit rom please contact Glenbow Museum 130 9th Ave SE Calgary, AB 403-268-4110 bookings@glenbow.org

3. The Repsol Centre (aka the old Lindsay park/ talisman centre) offering summer programs with free pre-care starting at 7:30am, and after care till 5:00pm for registered participants in their summer programs this is great for working families that require earlier care than most summer programs offer.

To contact Resol Centre please call or email or visit online at

4. The City of Calgary is bringing back the summer youth passport initiative for summer 2017, they have not yet released the cost but the summer 2016 passes were only 50 bucks a kid and if you bought the bus pass with it you got a discount so hopefully this year will be the same.

My kids loved the youth passport in summer 2016 it’s for ages 7-17 and allows the children access to all the big leisure centres and some other locations around the city. This pass let’s them swim, workout, use the gyms when not being used etc. Watch for it on the City of Calgary website they will be releasing more information soon.

Keep you eyes out at http://www.cityofcalgary.ca/youthpassport for more information.

5. Evolve Skateboard and Scooter Camp. This is a great camp for boys and girls to learn more about boarding or scootering and will enable your child to be more self aware while riding while having fun and learning new skills.

The club runs 8:30 – 4:00 and there will be a bus that will transport students to the skate parks for the days learning.

The cost of this program is 365 + Gst and I know this is quite high but my son is very hard to get off the video games and I’m hoping this will help him want to be more outside learning cool things he can do on his own, not some avatar him, enjoying the fun on a tv screen.

Check it out at http://www.evolveskateboard.com


I will be adding information as I go to this post as the summer is long with many cool things popping up around the city and Greater Calgary Area (GCA).



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Researching and writing is my escape from my otherwise hectic life.

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